Friday, May 20, 2011

Fashion Show!

Today I woke up and went straight outside to help my family with our garage sale. Our garage was packed since a few family members brought stuff of their own to sell. I'm not sure why but I love when we have garage sales :) We all eat lunch together and have fun selling our junk! In the afternoon I had to leave so I could go to my designer's house and get ready for the fashion show. They did my extravagant hair and make-up, and we all rushed to Proctor's to make it there in time for the dress rehearsal. All the designs were great and congrats to Sara for winning the Best of Broadway competition :) After the show, a couple of us grabbed Subway for dinner and hung out at my house. Here are some pictures!

Design by Kristina Maldonado

Getting ready

crazy make-up

Me with the lovely designer, Kristina

All Kristina's designs

On the runway!

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