Monday, May 9, 2011

Projects & NSSLHA Banquet

Today is my last day of Monday classes! After I was done with classes for the day, I went to talk to one of my professors about a project. The project is for my Language Disorders class and we are supposed to develop an intervention plan based of a case history given to us. My professor gave me helpful feedback and I'm glad I went. I worked more on the project later and had a NSSLHA banquet from 6-8. At the banquet, we had dinner and we listened to guest speakers who all had laryngectomies. This is the full or partial removal of the larynx (voice box) due to laryngeal cancer. One of the patients used a form of augmentative communication, where he typed in what he wanted to say and a machine would read it to everyone. Others used  a voice prosthesis which you may have seen before. It was very interesting and informative to hear all of their stories. Later, we watched The Rescuer's (yes the disney movie :) )

A form of augmentative communication

The Rescuers!

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