Thursday, May 5, 2011


This morning I had two classes and then a break. During my break, I practiced my presentation a couple times. Before my class at 1:30 I grabbed lunch and they had a bunch of free stuff at the dining hall! In my class I presented my information and it went well. I later had class at 4:30. On my way back to the suite, a couple of my suitemates were sitting outside by the pond so I joined them! It was such a beautiful day today and it was so nice to sit right next to the pond and enjoy the view :) A few ducks came right up to us too! Today I've been trying to plan out everything I have to do by the end of the semester.
As of right now this is my to do list:
1. Write Soc & Phil Essay
2. Finish Case History project for Language Disorders
3. Plan and present ASL dialogue
4. Take last quiz for Interpersonal Communication
5. Study and take 4 finals
If I spread out the work load, it shouldn't be too bad! I'm hoping to get some things done tonight and tomorrow before I go home for the weekend.

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