Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finally Home for Summer

This morning I woke up early to get a little extra studying in for my last exam. My Language Disorders final was at 10:15, and when I finished I felt so relieved! It feels nice to be done with school work for 3 whole months. After my exam I focused on packing all my stuff into my car. It didn't take me long at all and within an hour I was on the road home :) When I got home I picked up my brother from school. Later I picked up Teddy and we hung out at a friend's house! Tomorrow me and two of my friends, Sara and Taylor, are modeling in the Electric City Couture Fashion Show at Proctor's. We brought our shoes that we are wearing in the show and practiced our walk. Later we all grabbed some ice cream. I'm so excited to be home and for the fashion show tomorrow!

These aren't the exact shoes I'm wearing, but they are very similar.

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