Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This morning I had one class and then hung out for the day. I did laundry and grabbed some lunch. Later I studied for my ASL test which didn't take long, then had class at 4:30. For dinner I went to the Hawk Station and got a delicious panini :) We watched a couple episodes of Law & Order and I started to work on my Soc & Phil presentation! Our teacher encouraged us to try out a different way to present our information through a website: http://prezi.com/. I taught myself how to use the program and it was actually a lot of fun to use! The way my presentation works is step by step. Just like in a powerpoint, you press the space bar and it will zoom in on another piece of the presentation. Here's a picture of my prezi. If you look at the picture, you can see the numbers 1,2,3,&4, but when the presentation is active, the page zooms in on each number revealing more information about the sub-title. If you'd like to view the whole presentation, here's the link! 
It's about inclusion in classrooms and is just a quick summary on the topic.
Hope you enjoy! :)

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