Thursday, April 14, 2011

Early Start to a Long Weekend

I love days like today..waking up feeling anxious about a test and falling asleep in my own bed without a care :) Once my test was over at noon I felt very relieved. After that I still had two more classes ending at 6. In between my last 2 classes, my suitemate Carly and I bought smoothies from Freshens! I had Mystic Mango and it was sooo delicious. On our walk back to the suite, we peeked at the renovations going on in our soon-to-be residence hall! After my last class of the day, my mom picked me up and brought me home for my long weekend. I only have one class on Fridays and it's cancelled tomorrow! We also have Monday and Tuesday off for Passover (I also have Wednesdays I've got a 6 day weekend ahead of me!). Unfortunately I still have classes Thursday and Friday, and plan to come home again next weekend for Easter..lots of driving back and forth. Anyways, once I got home I had dinner with my family and caught up on American Idol. Busy day = lack of photography. Here's a yummy picture I found on good ol' Google.

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