Sunday, April 24, 2011


This morning I woke up early to go to church for Easter Sunday. In the church service I was the lector and read in front of the congregation. After church, I hung out with Teddy for as long as I could until we each had to go to our own family events. I went to Lakeview with a big group of my family. We were there for a couple hours and they all came to my house afterwards. We had dessert and some coffee talk. Later I heard the doorbell ring and it was Teddy! He was supposed to be on his way back to school, but found out that it didn't open until tomorrow. So he ended up hanging out here for a while :) We watched a couple of episodes of Lie to Me and I'm now addicted to this show! It's about this group of people who pay close attention to the body language of suspects to determine whether they are lying or not. It's really good and I recommend it if you like shows like CSI or NCIS. I decided that I didn't feel like driving back to school tonight, and I'm getting up early tomorrow to get there before class. Goodnight!

P.s. I updated my blog picture from my snowy front yard to some green grass! I hope to update it again when I come home in May for the summer. I'm expecting the trees to look less bare and more colorful :)

Reading to the Congregation

Me & Sean

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