Friday, April 22, 2011


This morning I woke up early so I could grab breakfast before signing up for classes at 10:30. My sign up for classes went pretty well. I was hoping to get into some other classes and different times, but overall I'm happy with my schedule! I am unfortunately taking my first 8AM class since beginning college, but I'll live. After registration, I headed to my one class of the day. As soon as class was over, I got ready to head back home for the weekend. At home, I caught up on American Idol while waiting for people to get to my house! At 5:30 I met with a fashion designer to go over what I will be wearing in a Fashion Show in May! I'm getting really excited for it! Later, Teddy and Timmy came over and we got bbq chicken pizza as our Friday night tradition :)

Here is a picture I took of a poster in the parking lot of the renovations to Crispell!

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