Friday, April 15, 2011

Road Trip

What a beautiful day for a road trip! Today is Teddy's last day of classes before his Spring Break, so I drove out to Oneonta to pick him up. When I got there I helped him bring his stuff out to the car and we had lunch! Feeling great after a yummy Wendy's frosty, we were back on the road. When we got home it was only in the early afternoon. I dropped Teddy off and made plans to hang out with him later. Back at home I found a cheesy chick flick to watch in the mean time. Later, Teddy and Timmy came over and we picked up a bbq chicken pizza. We hung out for the rest of the night playing a Kinect sports game and Call of Duty! 
P.s. these are likeeee my favorite nights :)

Last night, my brother was working on an English project where you create your own book. I did the same project when I was in his grade and found it in a big shoebox where I keep all sorts of things. I ended up going through it today and had a great time finding things from middle school and high school! The book I made is on the left.

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