Saturday, April 16, 2011

Making Music

This morning I woke up and really wanted to learn how to play guitar. My roommate and her new found talent at playing guitar has inspired me! haha My brother plays the guitar, and he let me borrow his acoustic to practice on. He wouldn't teach me, so I learned some chords on my own searching the internet. Fortunately, I picked up four chords pretty fast..which are found in most of Taylor Swift songs. When I played the chords and they sounded right, it was such an awesome feeling! I looked up a bunch of different chords online, and most of them required a I made my own out of rubberbands and a pencil. It worked, and now I'm able to try out a lot more songs :) Other than that, I hung out with Teddy during the day (today marks 3 & 1/2 years together :]) . Later that night, Tim and Sara picked us up and went to see a movie called Source Code. Jake Gyllenhaal is in it and I actually really liked it. On the way back home it poured. The weather at home has been so unpredictable!

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