Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dark Chocolate Dress

Today was a laid-back relaxing day. I slept in a little bit and watched Say Yes to the Dress when I woke up! I had lunch and hung out until 3 when my ASL club usually meets. It was cancelled today, so instead my friend Alisa and I met up to go over our ASL midterm project. The project consists of 10 statements in ASL made by each partner. I later went to dinner with some of my suitemates. Later I was browsing the internet for an outfit to wear for the concert. I hope to go shopping when I'm home for spring break in about a week or so! I did a little bit of homework and watched Ghost Hunters. Yep, boring day before my busy Thursday.

One of my favorite dresses from Kleinfeld's as seen on Say Yes to the Dress

Dark Chocolate Raisinets <3

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