Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sweet & Spicy

Today we celebrated my Mom's birthday once more with her side of the family. We went to Appletini's for lunch and my aunt brought a cake. For lunch I got a buffalo chicken quesadilla and it was really spicy! This may sound weird, but I dipped my quesadilla in thousand island dressing and it was really good. If you know me well enough you know that I dip almost everything in thousand island! lol Anyways..after lunch we stopped at my grandparents house to see if we could fix their dvd player. My picture for today is one I took at their house. My family made a calendar for my grandparents with pictures, and this month's picture is of me when I was young (since it's my birthday month). When we got home, we decided to order a movie on demand and chose to watch Salt! Before the movie I took a walk around the neighborhood with my mom and brother. Later I went to Taco Bell with Sara and Tim for a late night snack :)

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