Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome to Moe's

Today I had a doctor's appointment and went to Moe's for lunch with my mom. We also went shopping for a bit at Target and I was so excited to buy my first new spring dress! Later I skyped with Teddy and played Dance Central on Kinect :) There were a bunch of balloons in my living room from my mom's party, most of them all dead on the floor. The balloons left are the helium ones. We found one of the helium balloons had a slow leak in it, so we decided to let it go! I always hate letting balloons go, it's so sad! It was neat to see how far it went and how we could still see it from a couple miles away. For the rest of the day I hung out and later watched Juno.

Found this picture and I love the colors & the beach :)

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