Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shamrock Run!

This morning I woke up in time to grab breakfast with my some of my suitemates. Soon after we left to participate in the Shamrock Run in Kingston! We ended up getting shirts and it was great to see so many people dress up for St. Patrick's Day. The run was 2 miles long, but we decided we were all going to speed walk it together. At the end of the race we got green creamsicles and green bagels! Immediately after the run came the parade which was also a lot of fun to watch. We ended up having to walk the 2 miles back to our car, but it was ok because we were able to watch the parade as we walked. I had a great time and hope to go to it again next year! When we got back I went straight to studying for my Phonetics midterm tomorrow. 
P.S. Happy Birthday to my suitemate Jill!!! 

The five of us at the Shamrock Run


Green cookies and green bagels with green cream cheese :)

A picture from last night of me and the birthday girl! :)

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