Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So last night I set my alarm for 3AM to see the lunar eclipse but unfortunately it was too cloudy and we weren't able to see it. This morning I took my last final of the semester. It was the second part to my music final and it wasn't bad at all. It started at 10 and I was on the road by 11! When I got home I went out to lunch with my parents! We got back home and I picked up Sean at the bus stop. A little later, Teddy picked up Sean and I to go Christmas shopping. We went to the mall and I think my shopping is now complete! At the mall we saw Santa and stopped in the pet store to see all of the cute puppies :) I'm going to go finish unpacking my things, but here are a couple pictures from the mall.


I wish I could have taken him home =(

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