Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last Saturday

First of all, today is one of my suitemate's birthday! Happy Birthday Miki! :)
So today, Teddy and I went to brunch at the dining hall and then did a little shopping in town! We went to the Water Street Market to search for Christmas gifts. After shopping, we came back here and it was already time for Teddy to leave. I hung out for most the afternoon and started studying a little for my final on Monday. At 7 we all went out to dinner for Miki's birthday! The food at P&G's is so good. When we got back we all hung out for a while and played Toss the Salad, which is a game that combines catch phrase and charades. Today was really nice because I could relax and not stress about exams too much. This weekend is awkwardly placed in between my finals and I wish I could just get them over with and go home. Three more days, hopefully they go by fast! Anyways, I completely forgot to take pictures at dinner, so I snapped a quick photo of my penguin decoration hanging in my room. :)

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