Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Waiting for snow..

It has yet to snow in New Paltz. We've had flurries here and there, but not enough. I was skyping with Teddy who is in Oneonta and their campus looked like a winter wonderland. I'm so jealous. I'm hoping this lack of snow will make up for itself on Christmas day, that will make me so happy :) Anyways, nothing new happened today. I had class till 3 and watched Glee at 8! It was the Christmas episode and I loved it! I also found out my test grade for my Hearing Science test and I surprisingly did pretty well. I'm going to put up a picture of the paper snowflake my suitemate Carly made me, along with my two advent calendars. Both Katelyn and I brought back 2 calendars for each other so we each have two haha It's ironic that my Glee poster is in this picture too :) Oh, and the white board shows how many meals I eat at my dining hall, that's how I keep track since I only get 14 meals a week..I obviously took this picture last week. Also, I get this question a lot: Why did you write Greg on your white board? The answer is that we have to feed our fish, Greg, every other day, and I also use my white board to keep track of when I have to feed him.


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