Monday, December 13, 2010

Suite Holiday Party!

This morning I had a hearing science review at 11:30 and that was the only school work I did today. I went to lunch after and then started getting things ready for our suite holiday party! I went downstairs and hung out in the lounge with everyone who was busy cooking Time went by so fast while we were downstairs and it was almost time for the party when we finished. Once everyone was all ready, we had our Secret Santa exchange! It was so exciting to see who everyone had and what everyone got! My Secret Santa was Jill and she made me a pair of shoes that are absolutely amazing! She drew all my favorite things on them and the colors are so cute! I was Secret Santa for Katelyn, and I bought her a movie and made her a slide show of pictures with songs playing in the background. One of the gifts I bought didn't come in the mail on time, so I have to give that to her later unfortunately. After Secret Santa, our guests arrived and we ate the delicious food we made. Later, we played a game that mixes catch phrase and charades and I think it's now one of my new favorite games! After a while of hanging out and talking, our guests left and we cleaned up. Today was such a fun day and I'm so glad our holiday party went well!

My gift from Jill!

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