Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fat Bob's

This morning a few of us were awake and hung out for a little bit. A bunch of us went to brunch at the dining hall around noon. When we got back, Teddy, Tim and I played some Black Ops! They had to leave soon after, but before they left we went to Stop and Shop to pick up a few things. Once they dropped me off at my dorm I was searching for things to do. A few of us decided to go eat at Fat Bob's Pizza for dinner and see a movie after. The pizza was absolutely delicious and I thought the movie we saw (Hall Pass) was hilarious! We went to Stop and Shop (my second time of the day) and then went back to the suite. When we got back I was bored and decided to play some more Black Ops. I was able to talk to Seany for a little bit on xbox which was fun :) I'm now exhausted and can't wait to get to bed. Goodnight!

BBQ chicken..YUM

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