Friday, February 25, 2011


Hooray for Friday..but boo to the weather. It's really gross out today. It rained all day long and we even had some heavy snow later in the evening. Plus it was so cold out. Anyways, today I went to my one and only class. Teddy and Timmy planned to visit me today and I honestly didn't think they would be able to make it because it snowed a lot back home. Fortunately they were able to make it! When they got here it was 7 and we were all hungry, so we went to McGillicuddy's in town for dinner. When we got back to the suite we hung out and played Apples to Apples with my suitemates. We also played a game called Pass the Torch which is really hard to describe, but involves turning phrases into pictures and vice versa. We watched the movie Semi Pro afterwards, but I was so tired I wasn't able to stay awake through the whole movie.

View from my window during the 30 minute blizzard we had today

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