Thursday, February 3, 2011


I went to my first two classes in the morning and my afternoon class was cancelled. During my break I stopped by the mail room to drop some things off and to pick up my sign language book. I realized that I will need this book for ASL 2 & I have to return this to Chegg (rental) and buy one from somewhere else. So I decided to buy one over at the bookstore. The prices on the tag were all wrong and it ended up being $72 for a used book. I ended up finding it much cheaper on and brand new too. So now I have to return this used book to the bookstore and wait for my new book to come in the mail. I had ASL at 4:30 and had dinner afterwards. Later in the night a couple of us went to a lava lamp making program! We used oil, water, food coloring, and seltzer tabs. Here is a picture of Katelyn's lava lamp (it came out much better than mine). Other than that I have some homework to do and soon it will be Friday :)

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