Thursday, February 17, 2011

Home Stretch

Today is Thursday and I'm in the home stretch of finally going home tomorrow! I was a busy bee today. I had Phonetics at 9:30 and my exam at 11. After my exam I went to lunch and wrote out some sentences for ASL class (I know..seems impossible to write in sign language, but it's possible! :] ). I went to Soc & Phil at 1:30 and picked up the dress I ordered online from Forever 21! I stopped by the library to print out my ASL homework and went back to my room for a little bit. Then I had ASL class at 4:30 and by then I was exhausted. After class I went to dinner and planned on attending a Game Show Night on campus. Our ASL club was supposed to be a team so that we could win money for t-shirts, but not enough of us showed up to be an official team. I'm now just hanging out and watching The Parent Trap! My picture today is of some ducks that walked right up to me today on my way through campus earlier :)

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