Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This morning I had Interpersonal Communication at 10:50. I actually really enjoy this class; we even played catch phrase today! The topics we cover are really interesting and we talk a lot about relationships of all sorts between two people. After class I had a few hours before my sign language class at 4:30. I have my first ASL test on Thursday, and I feel very comfortable with the material after reviewing it all in class today. Later I hung out with my suitemates and grabbed dinner at the Hawk Station. Tuesdays are now a big tv night for us: Glee is on at 8 and Teen Mom at 10! I don't mind keeping up with these Tuesday night shows because I don't have classes on Wednesdays, so it's like a mini-weekend! :) My picture for today is a vocabulary word from my ASL book. I chose the word "wish" because I've been wishing for a bunch of things today. I wish for my friends Sara and Tim to have a happy birthday! I also wish to do well on my upcoming exams. I wish for spring to be here very soon and for many other things as well..

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