Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Harry Potter & Reunion

Today was such a great day! The first part of my day consisted of sleeping in and then getting my haircut in the early afternoon. I asked my hairdresser to only cut an inch off but my hair feels so much shorter so I think she definitely cut off more! Oh well, I don't mind. After I got my haircut I went back home and got ready to go to out! I went with Teddy and Sean and we met up with some of my family at the movie theater in Crossgates. We went to see the new Harry Potter movie and I really liked it! I've only read the first couple of books, but I still follow the movies and I think they are great! :) After the movie Teddy and I picked up our friend Sara and went to another friend's house for a get-together. There were so many people there from high school and it was really nice to see everyone again! Unfortunately out of all the things I did today I took no photos so I'm just going to post a simple picture of the 7th Harry Potter book that I happen to have but still haven't read..

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