Thursday, November 18, 2010

Studying & Game Night

Today I've been studying on and off for my test tomorrow and plan on studying a little more before bed. I'm hoping the test will be on the easy side so I can leave a little early. I have the test in my last class of the day and I'd like to finish the test early so I can head home earlier. New Paltz has classes on Monday and Tuesday but I'm going home this weekend since my family is celebrating my dad's birthday. It seems silly to go home this weekend even though Thanksgiving break is right around the corner, but I don't live too far from New Paltz and I'd like to be there for my dad's party. Anyways, a few of us just got back from Condom Casino at the student union building! They had a variety of games like apples to apples, connect four, blackjack, and lots of others. So many people showed up so it was really crowded, but it was still a lot of fun! :)
I'm off to more studying, so here's just a quick snapshot I took of the poster from Casino night.


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