Friday, November 19, 2010

"This night is flawless.."

Hooray for Friday! Today, my main goal was to get my test out of the way. For some reason I've been very anxious to just get it over with. Since the test wasn't until 1:40PM, it seemed like forever before I was able to take it. When 3:00 came and I was done I was so relieved. Once I got back to my room I gathered all of my things together and headed home. By the time I reached home is was almost dark! After being home for a little, Teddy picked me up and we went shopping at Crossgates. I love going to the mall this time of the year because they already have the Christmas decorations up and they are so pretty! We grabbed dinner at the mall and now are back at Teddy's. I was disappointed because I forgot to bring my camera to the mall with me. I did happen to take a picture earlier of my brother, Sean. Once he realized I was taking it he decided to run away but it actually made the picture look really neat! Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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