Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Projects & Thunderstorms

In one of my recent posts I talked about my project for Hearing Science so I snapped a photo of it and it's awesome :)! Its a board game we designed called Ring Around the Cochlea. You roll the dice and choose a question card. If you answer correctly you move forward the number of spaces on the dice and the first one to reach the last square wins the game! Many of our classmates made crossword puzzles and word searches, but we wanted to have a little more fun with it. Anyways, today was a pretty easy day. I only have one class on Wednesdays and it starts at 10:50AM so I can sleep in!
I'm going to back track a little bit..So this morning at 4:30AM I was woken up by a thunderstorm. It was amazing how loud and windy it was, but the window in my room was open so I wasn't surprised that it woke me up. I also failed to mention that yesterday I got the seasonal flu shot and my arm is still a little sore today. Better than the flu I guess!

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