Saturday, November 27, 2010

Teddy's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Teddy! This morning, Teddy picked me up early and we headed over to his cousin's house. For my Language Development in Children class we have to observe a child aged 2-4 and I don't have any family with children that young so I decided to work with Teddy's little cousin Karina. I had to talk with her for a little while and get at least 50 utterances from her so I can calculate her's complicated lol.. but she is so adorable and everything worked out great! It feels good now that I don't have to worry about it anymore because I was getting a little nervous that I wouldn't find a kid! When I got home I transcribed the whole video of me with Karina which took a while. After wards I hung out with Teddy for his birthday! We had dinner with his family and delicious birthday cake! I forgot to mention that it snowed here today which was really exciting! I dragged Teddy outside for a picture of him in the snow..The snow didn't show up too well in the picture but oh well :) It's Teddy's birthday, so it's only appropriate of me to post a picture of him!


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