Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Wednesday

Today was yet another perfect day to be snowed in and hang out before going back to school. My brother had another day off of school, but I'm not complaining because I had someone to keep me company for most of my last week home. I attempted to make a snowman today but it was impossible. The new snow that had fallen overnight was too light and powdery. The layer underneath was a layer of ice from the freezing rain the night before. My snowman making abilities will just have to wait for another snowstorm. In the evening we went to Target to exchange my brother's Xbox Kinect sensor for a new one. The one he got for Christmas somehow isn't working, so we brought the old one with us to exchange. Later I figured out the book situation for school with my roommate. We are going to share our books since we are taking a lot of the same courses. Currently I'm signed up for 18 credits worth of courses for this semester which is more than I plan on taking. I need to figure out which class to drop before my classes start on Monday. After that we watched the season premiere of American Idol. Ironically they played one of the songs that I featured in my post yesterday, "Come Home" by OneRepublic! In a little bit I plan to watch a movie that I borrowed, Charlie St. Cloud. Goodnight!

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More snow pictures..

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