Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bad Luck.

Today I had my one and only class of the day from 12:15 - 2:55. It's a really long once a week class that I was willing to take since there was no other courses available. The course is Research in Communication Disorders and it seemed like a good elective course to take for my major, but that idea changed after sitting in the class for only a few minutes. The teacher asked if we were all seniors..and I'm obviously not a senior. Then she told those of us who are sophomores that she was surprised we were even allowed into this course. So after that an immediate red flag went up and I decided to drop the course. The only problem is that every other course for my major is either full or I have taken it in a previous semester. I have been checking all night for an opening and emailed a few teachers, but so far I'm stuck with only 12 credits. Hopefully something will open up. Other than that, I danced a little bit to Dance Central and played a few songs on Guitar Hero. I've been lazy with my camera, so I just took a quick photo of my favorite dorm snack. 

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