Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good Luck!

This morning I went to my first two classes and it finally started to kick in that I have to get back into my routine of taking notes and studying. After eating lunch I came back to my room to hang out before my last class in the afternoon. I decided to check for openings in the courses I need to take and I came across a spot open in American Sign Language! That is the last class that I pictured myself getting into. The class was full probably a couple of weeks before I was even able to sign up for classes in November! I'm just so happy that I have a full schedule now and they are all courses that will help me fulfill my major. I went to my afternoon class and our teacher let us out really early. Then at 4:30 I was able to go to my sign language class! I went to dinner after and did some homework back in my room. During the day I got an email saying I had a package and it enclosed some of my books I ordered from Chegg. Unfortunately, the two books I received were for the research class that I dropped yesterday. I'll have to return them sometime soon! 

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