Sunday, January 23, 2011

Game Day

Today was a laid back Sunday before starting our classes tomorrow. Last semester we left all of our holiday decorations up in the common room, so today we took them all down. We kept the Christmas lights around the window to decorate and brighten up the suite a little bit. Later, we watched a few episodes of Modern Family and it's hilarious! I really enjoyed watching it and can't wait to see more. Later in the day we set up the Wii system that one of my suitemates brought from home! We played Guitar Hero and Just Dance. I love both of those games and I had a lot of fun! I also feel good that Just Dance is a video game that gets you to move around and exercise. Another game today is the football game Jets vs. Steelers and I just found out that the Steelers won! I'm sure Teddy is a very happy camper right now. I've got to get ready for classes tomorrow, goodnight!

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