Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good times

What a good day! I started off my day by getting my haircut. When I got back home I knew my friends should be arriving shortly. Two of my suitemates, Allison and Katelyn, came to visit. Tim and Teddy also came over to hang out with all of us! Soon after they arrived, we left to go pick up our friend Greg from the train station. We hadn't seen him since last May, so it was fun to see him again! :) After picking up Greg, we were all starving and decided to stop at Applebee's. When we got back, we all hung out doing all sorts of fun things. We played a bunch of kinect games which was a lot of fun! We also brought out Guitar Hero which I hadn't played in a very long time. Later into the night we all went "Galactic Bowling"! It was 10:30pm-1:00am and I never thought we'd stay till the end but somehow we did! Bowling was great. They had many different competitions that we participated in and Sean even won a shirt! When we got back here, it wasn't long before most of us crashed for the night. 

photo from Allison

photo from Allison

BFFs :)

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