Friday, January 14, 2011


I was very lazy today! I actually didn't even step outside of my house today which is kind of sad. I mostly just hung out and in the process discovered a couple of great things. First, I was searching around the tv guide for something to watch and randomly tried to search Dexter. What I found was that I can watch every episode of Dexter season 5 for free! It's so perfect because season 5 is the only season I need to watch. So that explains what I did for a lot of my day..I think I got through 3 episodes. Another discovery of mine was my new favorite snack to make! When I went into the kitchen to find something for lunch, my dad was putting peanut butter and jelly on ritz crackers! I tried one and they were so delicious! So I made some of my own and I've decided it's my new favorite snack hah. Later in the evening, Tim and Teddy came over to hang out :) We had a blast as usual!

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