Sunday, January 16, 2011


This morning I helped Teddy pack up all his stuff and load it into the car. Then we said our goodbyes not really knowing when we'd see each other again. It could have been this Friday if the Patriots won. Teddy was planning on coming home to go to the Steelers game next weekend, but now the game is at a different stadium. When I truly care about the outcome of a football game it doesn't go my way. Oh well..I was just hoping to road trip to Oneonta to pick up Teddy! Anyways, in the evening I went to another one of Sean's basketball games. The kids on the other team were so much bigger than Sean's team..enough said. Then we came back home and watched the Patriots lose. Good day? Nah. On the positive side, I was bored in the afternoon and decided to make my avatar on xbox look like Taylor Swift. (I know..lame.) But I'm actually very proud of how close I made her look! I even gave her a guitar to seal the deal haha

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