Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day

Today I spent a lot of my day shoveling our driveway at different times throughout the day. The snow just won't stop falling! We woke up this morning to a lot of snow, probably around 6 or 7 inches (maybe even more..). We got all of the snow off our driveway by noon..then we went out again at 7 to shovel and we had another 5 inches or so! Today's weather was perfect for those who are able to stay home, but I feel bad for those who had to work or leave their houses. All the snow makes everything so much brighter and beautiful. I love it and hope to go out and play in it tomorrow! :) Yesterday I forgot to mention that we went grocery shopping and we had the greatest idea to buy ingredients to make oreo milkshakes! So today we made those and they were even better than I expected. :) I was going to post photos of the mass amounts of snow fall, but I feel like every other post of mine is of the snow! 

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