Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Paltz!!

Today was a very busy day! I woke up early to make sure I packed everything I needed to bring with me to school. I took a break to go to Target to get some last minute things. We also went to Moe's for lunch! I finally left around 4 to head back to New Paltzl. I thought when we got there my mom and I would have to make multiple trips to my room because of all the stuff I brought. We ended up taking only 2 trips which was wonderful since my mom wanted to get back home to see Sean's basketball game. I first unpacked all of my stuff and then my suitemates and I just hung out and talked all night. So before I left last semester I moved around my room a little bit and decided to take some photos for my blog. I really like the way it looks and it really opens up our room.

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